The Maverick Project

mav·er·ick (noun)
a person pursuing rebellious ideas

I’ve always been drawn to mavericks: rebels, outliers, troublemakers & dreamers.
Now I want to fund them.
I'm a scout for a few different funds and want to connect you to the right sources of capital. NOTE: I'm currently only investing in B2B companies, but open to learning about your company if you fit any of my areas of interest in case I can be helpful otherwise.I'm interested in:
- Femtech, B2B, SaaS, CPG
- Reimagining old products, services, or industries
- Underestimated & overlooked founders
- Bootstrappers, alternative funding models and sustainable growth companies.
If that's you, let's chat! Learn more about me here.


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Learn More

Hi! I'm Miki Reynolds, the person behind this project. I run Grid110, an early stage startup accelerator. I'm also a scout for alternative capital funds.


I'd love to learn more about you and the business you're building. Please include a one line description about your company and what you'd like to discuss below.


I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. I will respond if I'm interested in learning more about your company!